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Freedom Plunge

Freedom Vessel Customized

Freedom Vessel Customized

Dimensions: 56w X 28d X 34t
Dimensions: 74w X 28d X 34t
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Solid color exteriors ship within 2-4 weeks. Please note solid white (no exterior option) orders can be cancelled before they ship for a 10% cancellation fee. Custom colors and custom exterior orders cannot be cancelled. Please see Cancellation and Refund Policies.

Description :

  • Freedom Plunge is the ultimate tool to improve immunity, mental health, recovery and metabolism
  • We’re on a mission to bring cold exposure to the everyone with an affordable, simple to use and fully customizable ice bath.  
  • Freedom Plunge includes everything you need to cool and maintain clean and clear water down to 33° along with 3 types of constant filtration. 
  • Fully customizable. Choose your size and color or go fully custom with your logo, graphics, scriptures or quotes…whatever motivates, challenges and inspires you

Warranty Information :

1 year external component replacement warranty and lifetime product support.Warranty details

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custom exterior

custom branding

custom color

custom text

custom exterior

custom exterior

custom branding

custom color

custom text

custom exterior

custom exterior

custom branding



Freezer/Cold Plunge


Ozone Generator

Outdoor Grade Power Supply 

Lock and Key

Cleaning Net 

All Hoses and Fitting Prepped for Easy Assembly 

Wi-Fi enabled Digital Temperature Controller



Coldest on the Market….Chill to 33°

Set between 33-55°, making it perfect for all plungers

Constant Circulation and Filtration

3 Types of Filtration and oversized pump for clean and clear water

Fill it, Plug It In and Plunge

Uses standard 110V outlet, a dedication breaker is highly recommended.

Large Interior

Freedom Plunge come in 60” and 72” widths making it suitable for even the bigger plungers.

No Exterior Plumbing or Chiller

The average life of a chest freeze is 16 years! Not having external plumbing or chillers make Freedom Plunge a reliable cold plunge.

Customize It

After purchasing a custom exterior Freedom Plunge, you will receive a 1x1 design consultation. You will approve the design twice before its produced and shipped to ensure its exactly what you want!


Freedom Plunge


60w x 28d x 34t
Shipped Weight


74w x 28d x 34t
Shipped Weight

Interior sealed and coated with marine grade epoxy

Interior sealed and coated with marine grade epoxy

Fits up to 2 adults or large adult

Fits up to 2 adults or large adult

Uses Standard 110V outlet, dedicated breaker recommended

Uses Standard 110V outlet, dedicated breaker recommended

Typical power consumption is 350-500 Watts @ 5-7 Amps (while chiller is activated)

Typical power consumption is 350-500 Watts @ 5-7 Amps (while chiller is activated)


Q: Can a Freedom Plunge go outside?

A: Yes! Freedom Plunges can go indoors, in garages, under patio covers or fully exposed. Just note while Freedom Plunges may be fully exposed, weather elements may impact the longevity of the external components.

Q: How often do I have to change out the water?

A: If you follow our recommended maintenance protocol, you will only have to change out the water once every 3-4 months. To remove water from your Freedom Plunge, simply connect a vinyl hose to the filter and pump out the water. Clean the interior of your cold plunge and refill with water.

Q: Can a Freedom Plunge be locked?

A: Yes! All Freedom Plunges come with a lock and key.

Q: How cold can I keep my Freedom Plunge?

A: This is a big differentiator! You can set your Freedom Plunge to any temperature above 33° Fahrenheit. Other cold plunges can only reach 39° due to external cooling and plumbing.

Q: Does Freedom Plunge provide a warranty?

A: Yes! We provide a 1 year no questions asked replacement warranty for all external component parts.

Q: What are the power requirements for a Freedom Plunge?

A: Freedom Plunges require a standard 110V outlet. A dedicated breaker is recommended.

Q: Why is a chest freezer the best footprint for a cold plunge?

A: The reasons Freedom Plunges chose chest freezers as our footprint is:

They are durable. The average life of a chest freezer is 16 years. Seriously…Google it!

They have no external cooling or plumbing making them more resilient to elements and they take up less space

They hold temperature extremely well making them energy efficient. The Temperature controller is only sending power to the freezer if the water temperature is above your set range. You’ll find that your freezer (not the cleaning components) will not be powered on most of the time because it holds temperature so well They are economical and the reason that a Freedom Plunge is 30-50% less expensive than other cold plunges with similar function

Q: What is the lead time to receive my Freedom Plunge?

A: Lead time for a standard or solid color Freedom Plunge is ~2-3 weeks. Lead time for a custom Freedom Plunge is ~3-4 weeks

Q: How much does a Freedom Plunge cost?

A: Freedom Plunges range from $2699-$3799. Total costs depends on size and exterior options. Includes free shipping with the United States

Q: Do you refurbish chest freezers?

A: No! Our chest freezers and component parts are always brand new

Q: How do you maintain a Freedom Plunge?

A: Weekly maintenance is about 10 minutes per week. Simply clean the filter weekly and use the cleaning net After each use.

Q: Does Freedom Cold Plunges help with install and setup of my Freedom Plunge?

A: Yes! All Freedom Plunge customers are provided with instruction for installation and offered a personal installation consult via phone or video.

Q: Can my Freedom Plunge be customized?

A: Yes! Many of our customers choose to customize their Freedom Plunge with their own logos, quotes, scriptures, core values, graphics, etc. Freedom Plunges provide design services for no additional cost. We will provide a proof for you to approve prior to producing your custom cold plunge.

Q: What colors do Freedom Plunges come in?

A: Choose from any of 12 colors and we can do a fully custom exterior too